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Eric appeared both locally and nationally on such television shows as the Today Show swinging tattooing into popularity. At one time, Eric owned the largest number of tattoo shops throughout northern Florida and New Mexico. Widely known for his bright pigments and applying colors to enhance each other, he is a brilliant shader and craftsman. Thus, Eric was both witness to and generator of tattoo’s evolution and popularity.

After several years of tattooing, Eric had the great luck to meet Paul Rogers. Paul, an old school carnie tattooist, perfected the machine and shared his techniques and tricks with Eric who became the inheritor of Paul’s machine mechanics. This capability with the craft is extremely important to tattooists. Paul revealed a generosity of spirit and distribution of knowledge. After Paul persuaded Eric to move to Jacksonville, their friendship and working relationship evolved. Eric honored him by joining their names in the title for his new company, Inksmith© and Rogers™. That spirit continues among the staff in the support and sharing of their creative activities. They get together for flash painting parties, exploring new knowledge and techniques. They support each other’s additional artistic passions such as graffiti art, leather carving, pinstriping, motorcycle building, wood turning, fly fishing.

Eric now makes his home in Mora, New Mexico and in addition to maintaining his zeal for tattooing, carves wood and engraves. Most recently, he has begun engraving tattoo machines and firearms. Eric is proud of the continued communal nature and spirit of sharing that pervades Inksmith© and Rogers™.


No matter what you are looking for our knowledgable staff will be able to take care of all your tattoo and piercing needs. Each tattoo artist has their own personal style and specialties.

Whether you are looking for Realistic, Japanese, American Traditional, Intense Color, Portraits or anything you can imagine, one of our artists can accommodate you.

All piercers are state certified and will be able to provide you with anything from a simple navel piercing to extreme body modification.


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